What Are Lessons??

These past two weeks have been filled with really unreliable riding thanks to the rain and school.  Libby’s been getting probably 5 rides a week, which is pretty good for most, but for some reason it feels like I’m slacking.  Especially when hunter week is here.

Liza Boyd and Brunello

Although I do feel like we’ve made HUGE strides even in these short few weeks.  Now that her stifles are all lubed up, and her feet are fixed, shes feeling much more balanced.  She’s been moving nicely off my leg, bending her body around my inside leg nicely, and she’s been really using herself, and “sitting” more in the canter. 

She literally feels like a different horse at the canter now, which is super exciting to me!

On Friday I took her over a couple fences, and not only was she super responsive and listening to me so well, she nailed EVERY LEAD CHANGE! Wasn’t late behind, wasn’t bucking into it, but back to those natural changes she’s always had.  Now it could be the stifle injections, or fixing her feet, but whatever it is, I’m super ecstatic about it.  

Obviously were doing tempis now…

Today I was supposed to have a lesson with a BNR, but she had to cancel and I guess its kind of a good thing because the skies opened up and I got maybe one lap around at the trot before we had to run in.  So I rescheduled for a lesson with my trainer E for Monday, but that’ll make it a month since I’ve had a lesson.  Sigh… Oh Florida weather, how I hate you this winter…

In other news, Libbys summer sore is officially closed! This might not be exciting to everyone but after battling with it for about 6 months, I’m so happy not to have to buy any more elastikon. 

And totally random, but the other day at work I saw someone who I’d ridden with years ago.  Obviously it’s not so unheard of to see old friends, but I always love seeing how people are doing, if they still ride, and if they still have their horse from the past.  I loved catching up with her, meeting her husband, and helping her find some stuff she needed. 

It got me thinking about how much my riding, and pretty much everything with respect to what I do with the horses has changed.  From starting at a barn that was more of a backyard style, messing around on a Heinz 57 pony with a heart of gold, to being where I am now, I’d say a lot has changed.  No longer do I ride just to be with my friend at the barn, but now I set goals for myself and work towards those goals.  Riding drives me a lot more now then it used to, and it’s cool to be able to see my progress over time with different horse.

Overall it was just nice to reminisce about the “good old times” when we spent all Saturday at the barn and had not a care in the world. 

Will be doing some reviews soon.  Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “What Are Lessons??

  1. I too have been having less and less lessons lately but for different reasons then weather. Stuff can be frustrating (but nice that you can jump without a trainer, we have rules limiting such activities.) Here are some books on flatwork that I reviewed on my blog since you asked, otherwise Practical Horseman usually has some good articles as well:





  2. Ha, 5 days is good I think for most of us at our barn. Funny I think most people get more casual about riding as they age, but maybe I'm wrong? Might be a good blog hop topic, then vs now…. I love pics of Libby, she's such a doll.


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