Lets Get Ready To… Show?

Yes I’m finally showing again!!!

Lots of things to get ready for this week.  Besides my little local show that I’m gearing up for, I’m also getting ready to move Libby.  I know, AGAIN!

A close friend of mine just purchased an adorable little farmette, and me and Loo are going to be her first boarders.  I’m going to be sad to leave the place I’m at now, but I’ll be saving up a lot of money with this move and I’ll have better access to a trailer for lessons.  I’ll also be able to really control Libbys’ hay (something that always bothered me at the current barn).  Changes for Libby will mostly be a change to a grass ring instead of sand/screen, and a weird wash rack set up.  We go pick up her jumps on Tuesday, so we’ll have a full course to use.  So after the horse show this weekend, I’m just going to bring her back to the new place to save me multiple trips and stress on Loo.

So I’ve been getting my stuff in order, slowly moving stuff to the new place, and buying the small things I need to help my friend out.  BTW if anyone has hot wire recommendations let me know.  #Libbydoesntplaynice

In the meantime me and Loo have had some great schoolings.  Our right to left change is our hardest, but the left to right is almost 100%.  With the right to left she tries to run through my hands, and kind of rush through them.  She also gives me a reaction probably three strides after I ask her.  This we are obviously trying to fix.  Its so different from her other side which she’s so much straighter for and much more manageable.  Weird since it used to be swapped.  She makes me work hard for them, understatement of the month, but I guess that’s making me a better rider.

That swift kick tho…
Lesson Wednesday this week and then we trailer over and school on Friday 🙂

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