June Tropical Horse Show 2016

I’m finally over my horseshoe hangover and can fill everyone in on our first horse show of the year!

So on paper the show went really well.

Ribbons and a free EIS sun shirt!!

Yes I was Grand Champion.  But, and its a big but, I feel very frustrated after this show.

For a multitude of reason, I just felt like the ribbons didn’t reflect our trips.

We were both so tired
So why am I so deflated after the show?
Okay for one, it was so god damn hot that I overheated.  Not once, but twice.  Saturday and Sunday.  I only showed Sunday, it was all equitation Saturday, but I was there from 7:15 AM until 7:00 PM.  So I was not on my A game thats for sure.
We also tried a new bit this show, and on Friday and Saturday I thought it worked okay.  Sunday I had absolutely no connection or communication with her mouth.  She was’t a runaway by any means, this IS Libby were talking about, but I had nothing.  She felt super tense and on the muscle, and she felt like she was jumping super flat.  Now granted it could have been that I wasn’t riding my best (could be that 100%) but it was very frustrating to me to have her be literally PERECT for schooling days and kind of fresh and unresponsive Sunday.  
I didn’t give her anything in the ways of Perfect Prep or anything like that.  The last show I brought her to I gave her half a tube of a similar product, because she’s a lightweight.  I don’t like relying on that though, especially because I morally don’t agree with it.  Libby’s quiet by nature, so I shouldn’t need that.
Game faces
The pinning was also so weird across the board that I won Grand Champion with a second and third over fences and a third in the hack.  My trainer was extremely confused when I came out of the hack, and almost everyone I spoke with sided with her that they had me pinned first.  Such is the hunters though.  
Please excuse the obscenely large pad.  I refuse to buy a pad to fit my friends saddle, when mine is going to be bigger.
They also ended up splitting the ring in half to avoid any riders being in the sun.  This means that the rings were tight, and gave us little to no time to take a breath after lines or anything.  Not ideal for sure. 
On the plus side, I got a free shirt and she got all her lead changes so there’s that!  My trainer, who hasn’t shown with us before, was also very pleased.  She thought we did really well and that it was a good basis to start with.  So thats good.  
Here are videos from my warmup and my first trip.  Unfortunately my phone glitched and deleted my 2nd trip.  I honestly took this down two times before I finally just said fuck it.  I know I’m a sack of potatoes in this, I KNOW!!! Stark contrast from our recent lesson.  Ugh!

I don’t know why I’m so meh about this.  I’ve watched and rewatched my trips till my phone died, and I’ve nitpicked about everything that I could.  I honestly think the real reason is that I know had this been a rated show we wouldn’t have placed.   No way, no how.  And its frustrating to me because I know we can be competitive.  But we need some major polishing and I still am wondering what our show bit is going to be.  Oh well.  Onto saving for the next one.


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