Catch Up

Much like my posts on this blog, I feel like I am playing a constant game of catch up. Be it with you guys to let you know how me and the big black beast have been, or with my friends, as I try to stay on the same level as those who are showing and in training programs. Such is life I guess, but man is it exhausting!


Anywho, July and August so far have been slow. Mid July Libby was shod, then two days after promptly ripped her right front shoe off and went lame.
Le sigh.

Vets and farriers were called and she was deemed foot sore.  After some time off, and lots of good use of my Big Black Boot, she was still NQR, so I decided to block her and do an ultrasound.  We ended up finding a small lesion on the insertion of her LODSL (Left Oblique Distal Sesamoidean Ligament… mouthful).  It was tiny, and technically already healed, but she was obviously still a bit sore to it.  I obviously have the most stoic mare ever, especially since she still wasn’t lame, just didn’t “feel” right to me.  The best treatment was to directly inject the site with Hydrocortisone, and give her time to come back.  So we have.

She’s literally been just walk trotting, to ensure she comes back nice and slow. Boring but conservative.

It ended up being good timing, if there ever was such a thing for any injury, because my ankle was still killing me.  Unfortunately, after getting another MRI, my doctor found yet another tear.  After consulting with my Lyme doctor, I’ve been informed that the bacteria has attacked the soft tissue in that joint for whatever reason.  I had a good cry about it, but hopefully after two weeks in a boot, then a cast, followed by another two weeks in a boot, I’ll be back to riding on Tuesday!

In the mean time it’s given me time to spend on other things, like spending money I don’t have. Many of you might remember that I’ve been waiting for these semi-custom boots for about forever and a half. Well I’ve really gotten tired of waiting. I decided to find another option. And the two options I had were to either get a pair of Parlantis, which I’m so against because of their fragility, or to get a pair of Tuccis from a friend.

After a lot of thought, I decided to use my everyday boots as my show boots, and get paddock boots and half chaps from my friend with the Tuccis. Honestly it’s all the 900facebookponys fault, she made her Tucci post and made me want them even more (also I have no self control and feel the need to blame someone else for this).

So other then that nothing has been new with us.  I’m very patiently awaiting a new ring, grass in way to much maintenance in sandy Florida.

I’m also still not convinced that my CWD fits, but to say I’m done with the company is the biggest understatement of the year.  Maybe I’ll write a full post on that, maybe I won’t.  Lets just say I’m already exploring my options, what little I have.

I’ve also given up on finding a nice used Brenderup or similar type, they are all still quite expensive and finding one with head dividers already installed is proving to be challenging. So my dreams for freedom with a trailer will have to wait until I have a truck of my own.


6 thoughts on “Catch Up

  1. If you have the money saved I would try to set a google alert maybe for when brenderups get listed. I've seen them reasonably priced before. As for the head divider… most of your hauling would be solo right? I wouldn't be super excited to pull a BUP loaded to the brim anyways 😉


  2. Yea I wouldn't want to haul two with my Jeep. But I mostly wanted it because she uses the center dividers so much for stability. Figured the more I have there the more support for her.


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