10 Questions for October (Thanks L!)

I had my first few rides on Libby! Was given the OK by my doctor, and got on for the first time in two months on Tuesday.  Just did some simple walk trot in the ring, mostly because I don’t want to do anything more on the footing there….

All the feels

Today went out on the road and Libby was a dragon.  Probably didn’t use my best decision making skills as the wind was picking up considerably and she was up on the crossties to begin with.  But we survived!  My ankle is still super sore, but I’m hoping it’s just weak.  I’ve been taping it and wearing compression socks, but my new boots are hardly broken in, so it’s pretty uncomfortable.  I’m going to wear my tall boots tomorrow to see if that helps.

Thanks to L from Viva Carlos we have some great questions for the month!  Thanks L!  I never get a chance to do these, since I’m always behind with my posts anyways. So with out further ado… 

Viva Carlos’ 10 Questions for October
1. What do you consider “jumping high” for yourself? I’d say probably anything over 3’6”.  In high school when I was a working student I was consistently working horses anywhere from 3’ to 1.20 m, but now I’m chicken shit and no way would I try to jump something like that with Loo.  I’m pretty sure she has no motivation to do that either. 
Lol no thanks I’ll watch from down here
2What are your short term goals for riding? Do you think you’ll reach them?  Short term I really just want to be fit and riding consistently again.  I also want my foot to magically be 100% and for Libby to not have any soundness issues.  
Will we get there? Honestly I’m not sure.  My ankle is still super sore, and I’m hoping that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be riding on it.  Also I’m so out of shape that I can’t feel if Libby feels good or not, and the footing isn’t great either. Hopefully after this weekend that won’t be a factor but I’m so pessimistic.  Nothing like a small soundness issue to totally make you paranoid about your horse.
3. Long term goals for riding? Do you think you’ll reach them?  Long term, I want to ride Libby in some smaller derbies, and get her preggo.  I’d like to think I’ll be able to show a lot, but it’s so expensive and honestly just having one horse and being able to enjoy her is a stretch.  
4. How many barns have you been at in your riding career? In all from the beginning, I counted fourteen!!!   I sound like a chronic mover!  My first barn where I first took lessons at I was there four years, my second two years, my third six years, and then I was in college so I moved around A LOT before I found a good place.  Six different places in three years!  When I came home with Libby, it took a lot of searching before finding the right spot again.  Five different places in two years, granted three of those places I was with the same trainer.  And now I’m moving again this weekend… I hate not feeling settled!
5. How many different trainers have you been with in your riding career?  Trainer wise I’ve been with seven different trainers.  I think my most influential ones have been my most recent though!
6. Ever worked at a barn? What did you do? I was a working student in high school, so I tacked and untacked horses for clients, groomed, brought horses in and out from turnout, mixed feed and fed, hacked horses, set up and broke down at shows, hauled horses to and from the show grounds, and taught a couple up down lessons.  Basically what DIDN’T I do?  In college I mucked stalls for discounts on board in a couple places, but other then that nothing major.  
7. Scariest thing that has happened at your barn? We once had a horse have a seizure and immediately following, he lost his sight for about fifteen minutes.  He panicked and ran, breaking the crossties and two lines of fencing.  That was probably the most terrified I’ve ever been, because I had no idea how to help him.  
8. Have you ever given a lesson? What level was the rider? I taught a couple up down kids, and did some fun days with the little kids at the barn.  I also ran a summer camp for the little ones in high school.  They were all mostly up downers. I also helped any other higher level riders that asked for advice, like some timid amateurs at the barn I was a working student.  


9. What is your opinion on the accuracy of critiquing riders online? I think it’s very easy for some people to hide behind a computer screen and voice their opinions on whatever they see.  Even if they are seeing it out of context.  I also think it’s very hard to judge based off of a photo, as you don’t know what happened with the rest of the ride. 
That being said I think there are certain instances where people need to speak up (Marilyn Little I’m talking about you…)
10. What is the ideal height of a horse for you? I like anything with a big enough stride to get down the lines without feeling like I’m running.  Seriously, I could be on a 15.2 hand horse, and an 18.1 hand mammoth and wouldn’t really care, I just hate feeling like I’m on a pony stride.  I do tend to like the wider built horses though.  I guess I have a type 😉

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