The rush is over… I think

After the start of the New Year, I immediately started my program.  And I feel like I haven’t stopped going since.


All thats left is moving into my apartment, HW, and finding a part-time job that I can do very intermittently so I have some money for Loo Loo.

I’m currently procrastinating the mountain of HW I have laying in front of me, ugh, but felt the need to update everyone and ensure that aside from this two week stint, I am going to keep up this blog way more frequently than in the past.


A little update with us.  Libby’s been doing really well.  She is getting much stronger and more balanced on the flat, and we’ve been slowly incorporating some cavaletti work and some small jumps into our program.  She’s still not ready for coursework yet, but we’ll get there eventually.  We’ve been doing a lot more suppling work, getting her to stretch through her topline  with her favorite “stretchy trot”.  It’s hard to see in the video, but in comparison to how stiff she normally is, and how reluctant she is to stretch down in the trot, this is such an improvement!

Love my friend As voice over 🙂

We’ve also mostly been working on straightness, very hard with her, and keep the contact with the outside rein.  Its funny how when I ride her, and strongly encourage her to have contact with that outside rein, how everything comes together so nicely.  I’m sure every trainer I’ve ever had is nodding their heads, “we told you so”.  I’ve been mostly riding her in my Bombers ported Dee, which she seems to like a lot, but I think I’m going to try reintroducing her loose ring into our flat work.

After a bout of soreness with her, which I think is her HC shot wearing off (le sigh, I’ll find out for sure the end of this week) I’ve been icing her after every ride, and being very cognizant of her soundness.  That being said she’s felt great, and its just something that I’m going to have to incorporate into our everyday routine.


With school starting, it unfortunately means that my funds are dying out quickly.  I think I’ll be doing the bare minimum for the next year with her until I start working again. But we’ll keep at it, so that eventually I’ll be able to show her and not look completely incompetent!

So hopefully I’ll get a handle on everything and be able to go watch some Saturday night lights this next weekend!  Anyone else have any fun horsey plans this week/weekend?


8 thoughts on “The rush is over… I think

  1. I really like your trainer (I think that’s her voice in the video?) — she sounds lovely and super knowledgeable 😀 Libby looks great in the video — and so you do !!

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