Libby has a lesson

After my stressful week last week, filled with emergency visits to the doctor, multiple visits in a day to ensure my eye pressure was going down, and new pressure meds, I was ready for something fun.

I’m fun!  

I knew my friend J, who has been riding and caring for Libby in my absence, has shown interest in having lessons with my trainer, and I may or may not have pushed her just a teensy bit to have one on Saturday so I could come watch. I am very rarely able to go out now, what with the light sensitivity and overall crap feeling I have from this AK, but I will push through it to see my pony go.  Thankfully she was very receptive and my trainer had an opening so on Saturday I headed out to the barn. Thanks driver mom!

When I got there J was hosing Libby off and explained they must’ve turned her out this morning to give her some turnout time since we’ve had so much rain lately they haven’t been able to go out at night, and she was obviously running around like a loon. She was super hot and sweaty, but thanks to J who had given her a fresh clip the week before, she dried in no time. And we quickly realized she was probably running because some bug had bitten her through her fly sheet and she had four huge welts on her tummy.

More of my late picture text

More late night pics I get from J We got out to the ring and they warmed up, while my trainer JD finished with his other client. Libby looked nice and relaxed, and I was excited for J to get an introduction to how she is over fences. When JD came out we moved into the jump ring and he set up some cavalettis and watched her go around. He explained to her how Libby may feel nice and soft going around, but she’s almost tricking you and getting lower and lower with her front end. Obviously this isn’t conducive to jumping, so he showed her where her hands needed to be, and what she needed to do to get her to lift through her back through her withers and lower her hind end underneath herself.

So after she got a feel for her being up and using herself behind, they started a cavaletti exercise where she sat maybe ten feet in front of the the cavaletti, and then cantered three strides and halted before the turn. Super good for keeping her on her hind end and keeping her listening in the corners.

I had tried getting video but the sun was shining and I couldn’t see the phone screen so whoop there went that.

It was super hot and humid out, so after this both J and Libby were pretty spent so JD picked a good spot to end on and they finished up. Makes me feel so good seeing her go now, which is silly but whatever. She’s going so much more correct now and way more evenly. I of course wish I was the rider, but knowing that she’ll be ready when I’m able makes me so happy.

In other news Libby has been going really well in her Bombers ported dee, but she also really loves my trainers Mikmar cupreon copper roller bit. I’ve been looking online for it, and so far have only found it at one place, but I’m sure I’ll keep looking.

Dis one

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