Finally on the upswing

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!! The one day a year where stuffing your face full of candy is socially acceptable!!


After my last post, I unfortunately took a turn for the worst, and had multiple med complications from the pressure meds the doctors put me on.  Since then, it took me about two weeks to feel normal, a week to wean myself (yes myself) off of opioid medications, and a couple days just to feel like myself again.  I’ve lost some weight, thanks to awful side effects of meds making me feel like utter shit, and not having an appetite to begin with (again thanks meds) but I’m now doing much better.  I have an appetite back, I can sit outside without feeling like the sun is burning my retina, and I am BORED.  Relying on others to get out and go places is ok, and I’m so thankful for my parents for taking care of me in my time of need.  BUT it gets old fast, and I miss my independence.  I’m getting better though, so that’s good! No sight yet in my left eye, but I’ll take the small steps forward.

CANNOT WAIT!! PC: Tumblr wefplease
On the Libby front, things have been normal.  My friend J goes out as much as she can, and keeps her working for me.

Unfortunately for us though, my trainer decided that the drive was a bit too far for him for season, so he has since taken his other clients and moved closer to the horse show.  I was super sad about this, as we really liked him, and I think he was so good for Libby.  It’s sad and unfair, but I understand the need to be close to the horse show grounds when you’re there for so many hours in a day. It wasn’t feasible budget wise for me to follow him, the place he moved to is like every Wellington farm you think of when you think of “Wellington Farm”.  Plus, I actually really like the facility Libby is at now, so there was really no need for me to move.  For right now, it’s far from my parents, but I’m hoping once I regain my health back, I’ll be able to start right back up in school again.

Snuggly on the chilly morning
A mutual friend of J and I’s, named C, is actually branching out on her own after working for multiple BNTs in the area, so she’s going to help us with Libby.  As long as Libby stays in a program similar to what we’re doing, basically treating her like a jumper, then we’ll be fine.

I’ll be going out this weekend to go watch, and hopefully watch J take a lesson from C.  I also have plans to clip her this upcoming week, since Libby already has regrown out her thick coat.  Thankfully we had some chilly days, but it’s back to 80’s and high humidity, and poor Lib is sweating her butt off again.  Plus I feel awful subjecting anyone else to her crazy coat growth.

A plus side to my time inside is that it has given me ample opportunities to look up a lot of things I’d been waiting on doing and getting because I didn’t have time.  I found an Etsy seller to make a new tack trunk cover for a great price, and I finally decided on colors for a BoyOBoyBridleworks browband.


It’s little things, but I’m excited for both. Now if I could find a way to refurbish my trunk without it costing more than an a new one, I’d be set.

6 thoughts on “Finally on the upswing

    1. Closer to season yea. He had another private farm owned by a customer that he was running as well, so I think it was just to far from each other. While my place isn’t necessarily far from the horseshow, it’s a good 30 minutes.


  1. That really sucks that your trainer had to move- but the one starting out of on her own sounds great too- I actually think that often times ‘up and coming’ trainers try harder for their clients. My current trainer is also an up and comer going out on her own for the first time too- and i have been super happy so far.

    So glad you posted the link to that etsy shop- I have actually been on the lookout for an affordable custom trunk cover. Check out my blog today (if you haven’t already!) to see about overhauling your own trunk!

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