Turning a corner!

Update on the eye: I’ve been in way less pain overall and the infection area has dramatically reduced in size. My doctor has said that I’m looking much better, and that I am ‘turning a corner’, hence the blog title 😊 I have been put on a new medication that is a very strong anti-amoeba (not even sure if that’s a correct technical term but whatevs) that has proven to be very efficient at killing this bug. It makes me feel pretty shitty, but if it kills them once and for all, I’m all for it! After the infection is gone for sure then we can begin treatments to regain my eyesight!! Exciting stuff right there!

So close!

Update on Libby Loo: Libby is probably loving her semi retired life right now. My friend J still goes out about 3 days a week to ride, mostly on weekends because work gets in the way of everything, and I’m super thankful for her keeping Libby in shape more or less. No it’s not the 5-6 days a week I would prefer, but I’m still grateful there is someone who continues to come out and ride the pony mare, and who rides her correctly, not just lallygagging around with a loopy rein (Libby’s favorite ride).

Our friend C who I spoke about in my last post had a quick grooming job in Colombia for a week and a half, and then she’ll be back to help ride and lesson J on Loo.

There’s also going to be a clinic at the farm, put on by the barn manager and the young ‘resident’ trainer. She’s another ‘up and coming’ rider whose ridden with some of the trainers in the area, but I don’t really know much about her TBH. I’m trying to decide if it’s even worth it for us, as Libby isn’t necessarily the easiest, especially if you haven’t ridden her and can’t feel what’s happening. J can handle pretty much any shenanigans Libby throws at her, that’s not what I mean.

More so, Libby doesn’t need to do any exercises that promote ‘long and low’ or stretching down. We’ve got that covered naturally. We need stuff that focuses on her hind end, and lifting her off her front end, which ends up being a lot of jumper geared exercises. That being said, it’s only $25, the clinician had said that she’d tailor exercises to each individual horse and rider (although not sure how she’d do that with a group), and it’s on our property so we obviously don’t have to travel anywhere. Maybe we’ll do it, I’ll probably talk with J and we’ll decide by next week.

Finally getting around to reading his book… Only took me a year and a half

On a super crazy note: I’ve been looking at used Brenderup trailers, and euro type trailers online. Do I have any sort of dispensable income right now? No, but it’s becoming so glaringly obvious that without your own trailer, and without being in a training/show stables program, you are kind of shit out of luck. A trailer would allow me the safety of being able to haul Libby in an emergency, being able to bring her to lessons with other people or just other places in general, and obviously I’d be able to keep costs down for shows.

*I looked up quotes on the new Equo app and a round trip to the horse show and back for us would be $250+. No thanks*

In a perfect world, where I’d have an unlimited trust fund I’d get a Bockmann trailer. The safety aspects built into the trailers are amazing, and they are really cool overall in my book.

Bockmann trailer.  I wouldn’t necessarily get the front ramp, but the other options they have are super cool.

But anything new like that is way out of any budget I’d have, so used Brenderups might be my only option. I remember when I first got Libby the old owner said she was nervous in Brenderups but after trailering her myself in numerous rigs, I think it may have been her driving. Libby isn’t the most stable in straight loads, nothing dangerous to her or anything like that, but if you take a turn too fast for her she shifts herself quite a bit and I think that must’ve been what she was feeling (at least from the story she told me I think that was it). So I’ll keep looking! If anyone knows of any super deals let me know!

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