Snake eyes

If theres one thing I’m good at when it comes to blogging, I am stellar at taking long breaks between posts.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

Since my last post, I started the medication for the infection, and pretty immediately my conditioned worsened. I’d been prepared for that, but what I wasn’t prepared for was the extreme exhaustion that accompanied the other side effects. My doctors had warned me that my eye would become more inflamed due to the parasites dying off and releasing toxins into my eye (fun right?) but I was so tired all the time. I tried going to the barn to watch J ride, but all I could do was sit in the shade. If I tried doing anything else I’d need to take a break in the ac.

To add insult to injury, the stress from my infection caused my Lyme to become active, which in turn caused a “rheumatic arthritic flare up” in my bad ankle. And because they didn’t want to give me a steroid shot while I had an active infection, I had my fourth cast on my right ankle. So when my month on the med was up, and my cast was removed, I couldn’t wait to get out to the barn. My eye has gotten very cloudy looking, hence the name of the blogpost, but until my cornea transplant that won’t change. So I’ll be a one eyed wonder until then 😉

With regard to the pony, J has been super busy lately with work, so she mostly rides on the weekends. Libbys been doing well, albeit a bit more rotund than I’d like. J has been super about sending me updates when I can’t go out, including a small snippet of video of her last lesson, and first real jumping session with Loo.


While watching the video, I thought to myself that she was being very good for her first real jumps in about 8 months.  I couldn’t help but giggle at her dramatics during her lead change, thinking she was being full of herself (which DOES happen when she’s fresh). But after rewatching that video, and watching her go with J again when I got my cast off, she continued doing that hop every time she needed to change from her left to right lead. Once is her being fresh, but repeatedly…

She’s not comfortable, but more so I’m pinning it on her being a bit weak behind.  Of course some of it has to do with her not being in as much work, but even before I’d gotten sick, we’d been planning to do some sort of maintenance.  But when she stopped sweating, that became my main priority, and I didn’t want to do anything until she was back to normal.  Now that her sweating is back in check, and that J’s schedule is opening up, I decided that now would be a good time to have the vet out.

Drunk Pony

So after watching the video and watching her go, he decided that blistering should be the way to go for her. I’ve never blistered a horse before, so I asked a couple professionals I trust what their thoughts were, and the feedback was positive enough that I decided to have it done. So Friday she was blistered, and she’s been on the treadmill everyday since then walking very briskly for 40 minutes everyday.  It’s important to have her only do four beat gaits right after the blistering to ensure even distribution of the iodine, so fast walk it is!

So that’s where we’re at now.  I’m feeling better, to the point that I’m able to drive myself again out to the barn, so I’ve of course been going out to watch paint dry her walk on the treadmill. J comes back from out of town Thursday, and then we’ll see where we’re at. And I should be cleared to ride next Monday!! I’ll definitely have to start very slow, I have absolutely NO muscle left, but I’m so excited. I have so many things I want to do!!

Also PSA, looks like Tailored Sportsman is clearing house on a bunch of colors, and a lot of retailers are doing sales.  Yep thats right, SALES ON TAILOREDS! This is not a drill! So far the cheapest I’ve seen is at, but Dover, Smartpak and most of the major retailers are participating.  Happy shopping! 😁

12 thoughts on “Snake eyes

  1. Haha I saw you comment on some tackstores shop, I spent 2 hours this morning trying to buy a pair of Loden’s with Tan patches for myself on Dover, and almost gave up. Stupid site was borked from everyone running to buy breeches at the same time. I finally got through though (I think, we’ll see if they ever show up to my house). Happy Holidays to me maybe?

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  2. A) I am NOT buying anymore TS. Will NOT will NOT! (I have to repeat this to myself or else I’m gonna get in trouble with the hubby).
    B) UGH you poor thing. I can’t imagine going through all that, and still have a good attitude!
    C) Gah Libby is SO PRETTY and I don’t say that to everyone. My good friend has a higher level jump (1.3m ish) and she had him blistered with a ton of success. Fingers crossed for her, keep us updated!

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    1. I caved lol not that it took much! And thank you!! Keeping a positive outlook has been tough, but you kind of have to in this situation otherwise its very easy to be depressed.

      THANK YOU!!! I’m biased, so I always think she’s gorgeous 😀 I’m hoping to have a good result! I hate to inject when there’s no arthritis, so when my vet started mentioning this instead I was super curious. A lot of people inject now though, so its not as prevalent.


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