A look back, and a step forward

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If there’s one thing this experience has gifted me with, it’s free time. At many points of my sickness, this abundance of time to just sit and think wasn’t necessarily a good thing (thinking positive is hard sometimes y’all), BUT it has provided me with the time to truly reflect on what I’ve done with Libby in the past few years, and to think about how we’ve gotten to where we are now.

At one point I was obsessively looking at old videos of us. I started from when we were still in Ocala at the jumper farm, all the way until my last show, which was July 2016. In watching the videos, I feel like my understanding of Libby and how she needs to be handled, trained, and at times coddled has of course changed over the years. Knowing this, and knowing that all of this is a journey, I still find myself unhappy with our progress.

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When I purchased Libby in 2012, I had so many plans. She was going to be my A/O horse, and even if we didn’t make it there, she was at least going to be my Adult hunter. Now a lot of our time off I contribute to illnesses/soundness problems, both hers and mine. Ok lets face it, it’s mostly mine. And the lack of showing I blame entirely on my lack of funds. But when I look at the goals I’d given myself for this past year I can’t help but feel sad/upset that I wasn’t able to accomplish much of anything.

I’m not even going to go over each one, because I think it’ll make me even more depressed, BUT I will say that in 2017:

  • I did focus a lot more on flatwork, and on Libbys correct balance point
  • I learned a lot about what she needs in regards to flatwork that affects her soundness, and while a lot of it I was already putting into action with my old trainer E, the new perspective I got for a short time with trainer J put a new spin on it, and gave me a new understanding that really clicked for me
  • I learned to grow a pair, and speak up when the first trainer I worked with at my facility wasn’t working out for me (THAT WAS AWFUL)

So this post is my 2018 GOALSSSS. So let’s get into it:


  • Horse related
    • Stay HEALTHY!! (Obviously this is a big one)
    • Regain all lost muscle
    • Regain confidence at jumping a solid 3’ course
    • Get back into a consistent “program” (i.e. a lesson a week, or whatever fits my schedule and budget)
  • Non-horse related
    • Get back to classes
    • Work on my writing more
    • Figure out where I want to move to after graduation
    • Continue to learn/promote positivity
    • Budget better
    • Eat cleaner
    • Be more “present” and “in the moment”


  • Keep SOUND
  • Lose 100 lbs and keep it off
  • Get lead changes quieter and softer
  • Slow down the canter, while keeping the stride length
  • Get back to consistent jumping
  • Take for field trips at least once every month
  • Do our first hunter derby!!
  • Take a lesson/training ride with BNT in the area:
    • Tommy Serio
    • Tori Colvin
    • Add anyone else I choose
Honestly as long as I have another year with my smoosh moo, I’ll be happy ❤

What are your goals for 2018?? I hope everyone has a very happy New Year!!

10 thoughts on “A look back, and a step forward

  1. Great goals! Positivity is hard, some days are better than others but being mindful and present can do so much in reframing things and providing a fresh outlook. I hope 2018 is a big and wonderful year for you and libby!

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  2. I’ve worked (and continue to work) really, really hard on being positive. It does get easier, the more you do it and I think it overall makes me a happier person even when things are hard. I think you’re doing a great job, and I look forward to following along in 2018!

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  3. I know exactly what you mean about reaching goals, it can be really depressing when life doesn’t cooperate! Sending good jingles your way that this is a better year health-wise for both you and Libby. I also have a goal of doing a hunter derby this year- hopefully we both get an opportunity. That is really neat that you live in an area where you would take a lesson with Tori Colvin- I idolize her!

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