Finally getting back to normal life

Wow.  What a doozy this past year has been. Coming up on my diagnosis anniversary in September, and I’m thankful that most of the hard stuff is behind me.

Thank god!

Since I’ve last posted, I underwent a corneal transplant in May. That’s right, I have SOMEONE ELSES cornea in my eye right now! Wild stuff. I’m still in awe.

You can even see my stitches in this photo! Sorry if this grosses you out, but this is all fascinating to me!

My eye doesn’t look the same, in fact it looks a bit blue, and my cornea is actually touching my pupil, making it look greyish on the bottom, and one pupil is larger than the other, BUT my eye sight is slowly improving. Immediately out of surgery I could already see better, which is amazing to me. It’s been one step forward, one step behind now, with every stitch removal causing my eyesight to be a bit worse after removal. But that’s to be expected, so I’m not worried. Fifteen stitches left to be taken out!! Then a couple more months, and I’ll be able to have Lasik on my left eye!!


I was released from my medical leave and am starting school back in August, a full year after being pulled out. I can’t wait to finish and be done, and on my way! I want to move out of Florida as soon as possible!

Now back to the main attraction: Libby has been great. I haven’t jumped her really since before I was sick, but we’ve been working on so much flatwork, that she’s a totally different ride now. It’s still a constant booty work session, but a much more effective way of going about it. I did have my HJ trainer E and her rider come out to school her, and that went really well! Since then, I’ve done little cross rails but nothing more.

E, my trainers rider, helping me school Loo over fences ❤

I’ve realized how hard it is to build back up muscle that for years I’d had from just working around the barn. Having been on bed rest for months, all my core muscle wasted away, leaving me weaker than I ever thought I could be. I’ve slowly gotten better, but I’m no where near where I was before, and while that’s frustrating to me, it’s to be expected. It’s the main reason why I haven’t started her back over fences.  Libby is built on the forehand, and she naturally wants to be low.  To ensure she stays balanced and on her hind end, I have to engage those core muscles, not my back muscles, to keep myself upright and straight to set her up for success, and right now, even doing that on the flat is hard work for me.


She’s looking awesome though.  She’s really stretching through and using her topline, and extending through her shoulders.  More than she’s ever done before for sure!

So here’s to a new, easy, no medical problems, no crazy wacky rare diseases school year, so I can get on with my life!

6 thoughts on “Finally getting back to normal life

    1. Haven’t decided yet. Florida is too hot, and too expensive. I would like to stay close because of my family, but I just can’t do summers here anymore.

      If I could afford it, I’d love Cali. I’m thinking Tennessee, or Texas right now. But that may change 😊


      1. Indiana is super affordable and downright pleasant all spring, summer and fall! I never would have picked it, but I’ve grown to love it and really grown to love what I can afford here hah!


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