Show Me Your Barn Blog Hop

I absolutely love this blog hop! I love getting to see where everyone rides, and the beautiful farms!!

I now have Libby at a little slice of heaven called Salt Water Stables.  Its a small farm with an 8 stall concrete barn, 7 paddocks complete with shelters, auto waterers, air conditioned tack room, washer/dryer, and a BATHROOM!

Skewed but a view of the ring

Another view of ring

Washrack/crosstie storage area
Feed room


 I absolutely love this farm.  Its well taken care of, the owners are always working on it and putting new things in, and trying to better the facility.  I love the people, and the atmosphere here the best!
 I love how caring and attentive the owners of the facility are, and how nice they keep the farm. 


19 thoughts on “Show Me Your Barn Blog Hop

  1. Totally envious that you have a washer and dryer!! And I had to laugh when I read “air conditioned” tack room…. in Rhode Island all we want is something heated!! Haha.


  2. Isn't it!! And the barn owner built it himself! He also built the wash racks and grooming area, the feed room ramp and a ton of other things I can't think of right now. I was so amazed when he built the ramp in two hours!


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