Cha Ching Cha Ching

Tuesday I hurried out to the barn after classes to get to my lesson.  My class schedule this semester stinks, so Tuesdays and Thursday are my worst days and require a lot of rushing around. 

Thanks to the storm from the night before, the ring was full of puddles, but the footing really wasn’t sucky or muddy, just wet, so we decided to continue on with the lesson.  Well Ms. Priss absolutely HATES puddles so riding around them in itself is a challenge for me.  She dodges them all without warning, dropping her shoulder to protect her toesies from the dangerous black pits.  Not exactly something I wanted to deal with during a lesson.  But other then that, she was really good.  Listening to the aids, much more rideable, and soft in the hand.  We worked on engaging her brain, a common theme lately, and getting her to use her hind end correctly.  We incorporated a pole into the mix, but with her not wanting to go over puddles, it made doing anything else really difficult.  We ended up working on one jump with a pole set in front, and behind, and she did great with that. 

Now that her canter has impulsion and shes using herself correctly, I can see every distance on her.  Compared to before I sometimes did and sometimes didn’t see a thing.  And her weak canter ensured that if I had to adjust at all I was going to miss it because she just couldn’t make the adjustment in time.  We ended with me cantering back and forth over the jump and called it a day.  Very proud of her, even though shes a retard with the puddles.

After riding in the saddle in a lesson though I decided that while I LOVED the fit on Libby, I needed a bigger seat.  So the search is on for a CWD SE01 17″ with 2C or 2L flap, with the front of the tree opened for Lib.  They want me to try one of the saddles that a friend is selling at the barn, but I have a feeling it won’t fit Libby since I doesn’t have the opened tree, just the pro panel. 

Cha Ching.

Still haven’t figured out exaclty the times yet, but the vet will be out the 21st to look at multiple horses of the barn.  I really want him to check her teeth as well since I’m almost 200% sure she needs them done, since her past two times have been without power tools. 

Cha Ching.

Yesterday went to the horse show to help them set up and watch the girls school for a bit before riding Lib.  Plus I had to return the demo saddle to CWD :-(.  Our set up looks GREAT so I was excited about that!

SWS Represent!

 And the ponies, although a bit fresh, schooled really well yesterday.  Can’t wait to watch them this weekend!  We went into the tent booth where the Samshields were again, and looked longingly at the helmets.  I seriously am having a really hard time swallowing the fact that I’m going to be spending so much on a helmet, but its been the best fit I’ve had.  I’m going to try it on again just to be sure though.

Cha Ching.

Libby was also great! Got out to the barn around feed time, which is a routine I think Libbys getting quite used to.  Quickly tacked her up, in my saddle, so we could have a quick ride.  She was awesome. Really light and responsive, and really listening to my aids.  Worked on doing somethings we talked about in our lessons, like using less rein aids in our turns to get her more responsive to my leg, and getting her more in tuned to my leg overall.  She was great, and I opted to give her a light ride with her being so good.  Cantered the pole a bunch of times and called it a day.  Brought her in, gave her lots of treaties, and blanketed her up for the frigid night were had.  

I have to say, after riding in the CWD for a couple days, going back to my saddle was in a word ROUGH.  I had gotten used to the cushy seat of the CWD and my flat saddle just couldn’t compare.  I never thought I would say that, since I normally hate the cushy, fluffy seats.  But I really stuck to the CWD, and felt way more secure.  Just makes me want one even more….

And now the reason for the title of my post.  Lately things have been tighter with us money wise, but between riding and classes, I have no idea how I’m going to swing picking up a part-time job.  And with me graduating this semester, and then having a year off, I’m going to need to find something to do to pay for this sport.  But until I graduate, I have serious scheduling restrictions, so I’m starting to think of ways I can make some money on the side, thats maybe horse related.  I wish I was proficient in braiding!!!


7 thoughts on “Cha Ching Cha Ching

  1. Ugh I hear ya on finances. While I hate that my trainer is only out this way a few times a year for lessons it's a serious blessing because I could never afford taking them weekly or even bi-weekly.


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