February 16th, 2012

Got out to the barn and it was chilly! In the 40’s and it was mid day!  Checked on Libby really quick and then ran to the feed store with my friend to get her horse some extra fluffy shavings since he hasn’t been feeling well.  Glad I did, becuase the new feed store has some great looking workers 😉

When we got back I had to talk to the BO about blankets 😦 The blanket that my mom had found in my garage is not built for a horse with wide shoulders, and has started not only giving Libby rubs, but literally busting at the seems where her shoulders are, so we were throwing around ideas for blankets with shoulder clearance.  I’m going to obviously wait until the winters over, so I can get stuff on sale, but I’m thinking of something either Amigo brand or Smartpak brand.  Well see….

Anyways, after procrastinating long enough, I decided to get on.  Libby is now in heat, and she was a bit of a pill today.  Not listening to aids, just running through my hands, spooking at horses, such fun stuff I know.  But I basically just tried to work the energy off of her.  Lots of circles and figure eights, threw in some little fences to mix it up, and keep her listening.  In the end she finished in a much better state of mind when we started so I was happy.  Gave her a good pat down as I sat on her back, not wanting to get off. 

As I was getting her cleaned up after the ride, hello alcohol spray, one of the little girls at the barn came over and started talking to me.  It reminded me how much I’ve missed having little kids at the barn.  At my old barn back home, our group of girls literally grew up together, and I’ve known some of the girls for almost ten years, so having that little family aspect of a barn is important to me.  The girl was asking me lots of questions, kids and their curiosity, and Libby was on her best behavior, nuzzling her for some treaties. 

Overall had a good day. Not looking forward to tomorrow though since its supposed to be even colder!!! Stay warm everyone!


8 thoughts on “February 16th, 2012

  1. Haha can I please trade with you? I went to a schooling day yesterday, and it was in the low thirties with a wind chill that made it feel like low twenties! However, I totally get that people live and vacation in Florida for a reason, aka the mild winter weather, and it really sucks when the weather doesn't want to cooperate with that 😦 At least it's supposed to be cold where I live!

    I'm glad the new barn is working out so well 🙂 It sounds great and the pictures you've posted of it are gorgeous!


  2. You should talk to Karley about the wide shoulders! (she's owned several horses all different sized) I think she typically recommends the Schneiders or Bid D, but like I said, check with her!


  3. I agree its nice to be at a barn that has some family feel to it. I still know people from the barn I used to ride at as a kid, and at our new barn where getting to see the next generation grow up together lol


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